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Wednesday, January 9, 2008:
Study of Blogging in Classrooms, a dissertation by Jeff Felix

Wednesday, August 1:
Check this out,
a C/Net News article about the ways Web 2.0 is changing the landscape in higher education

Monday, July 30:
I posted this link in an earlier blogpost, but the fact that my Google Alert for "videoconferencing" brought it into my email inbox drives me to classify it as News! David Warlick posted about our class at his incredibly popular website. See his "Web 2.0 at a Distance" post :)

Saturday, July 27:
The song we created together is now available for public viewing. It's still editable, so if you have anything to add be sure to do so and Save it, then republish. If I don't like it I'll roll it back, heheheheee. Here's the document URL:

Thursday, July 26:
We've made the bigtime. This screengrab was the morning after posting the video, but as of this edit it's enjoyed 773 views :):