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Workshop Intro PowerPoint

Websites and Presentations
Our Summer Workshop Blog
Kathy Schrock's Web 2.0Absolutely essential for exploration-- from NECC 2007
Janni Black's "Transitioning to Web2.0"
Google Search Basics
The Educational Podcasting Network
Futurist: To Fix Education, Think Web 2.0
The Art and Technique of Wikis--David Warlick
Programmable Web Mashups Directory
NetVibes (and Joel's description)
Student-Centered Educational Technology for Foreign and Second Language Instruction: A Guide for Teachers
Top 20 Things a Student Must Be Able to Do
Interesting Link to a Website about Using FACEBOOK Professionally
Communicative 2.0 - (Ed. comment from GM:Please visit this website; it is very inspiring. It demonstrates how these tools can be used to bring education to everyone, not just the privileged few.)
Raising "media savvy" children - A one-page guide of suggestions for parents, educators and other care givers. From ACME: Action Coalition for Media Education.
Questioning Media: Ten basics principles of media literacy education. From ACME (See above).
The Citation Machine (David Warlick's Landmark Project)
Open University UK via Netvibes
The Art of Building Virtual Learning Communities
Web 2.0: Too Good to Be True? - counterpoint from Brian P. Watson at CIO Insight
Jane Hart's "Top 100 Teacher Tools" from a Sept. 2007 survey
Patricia Anderson's "Web 2.0 Presentation Tool & Resources: Slideshare & Slidecast, Zoho Show, Thinkfree & Mixcaster"

Blogroll from our workshop
Gus's blog
Link to the USN Yearbook Theme Brainstorm Blog created in early June before the Web 2.0 workshop using
Lint to the USN Yearbook Daily blog created during the Web 2.0 workshop using
Tom's blogs: Oscar Hallam's Topics
Scott and all his blogs\

Joel's Pre Algebra Wiki
Caroline's NAIS Wiki
Genie's Yearbook Wiki

Flip Video (Pure Digital Technologies Home Page) 30 min version $89 at Costco...
Flip Video Educators' Rebate Program (requires purchase of a minimum of 3 units)
Real Life Social Change in Second Life
Wiki's in Plain English
RSS in Plain English
Social Networking in Plain English
Social Bookmarking in Plain English
Bill O'Reilly and Danah Boyd about MySpace
Virtual Worlds...Real Instruction 6 minute NECC2007 overview featuring Chris Dede's work at Harvard

Podcasts and Audio Files
NECC 2007 Conference Connections Full-length audio from NECC2007 Apple Distinguished Educators (Scott's is there:)
The first episode of a four part series from the show Infinite Mind on Second Life
Here is a link to the podcasts offered by the BBC. My personal favorite is the show called In Our Time.
If you want to hear a really great NPR program, check out the Diane Rehm Show. You can also download ITunes and find this and many other programs.
Chris Dede's keynote address from the 2007 "onlinelearninginstitute" in Atlanta and all the discussion notes from that conference
Snacks4theBrain! (Episode 68 is "Science Sites in Second Life!")

Second Life
Second Life in Education
Real Life Social Change in Second Life
T.H.E. Smartclassroom 4-Part Series on Second Life
Machinima video project introducing social roleplay about bullying
January, 2007 issue of School Library Journal (Second Life cover story)

ISTE Recommendations for Congress