This is the wiki for our workshop: "Web 2.0 for Us," held July 23-27 at University School of Nashville. This workshop was great fun and designed to be a broad experience dedicated to giving 11 of our fine faculty and staff a full week to explore Web 2.0 tools and learn which one(s) of them may be useful in their teaching and learning. Explore the links in the Navigation bar, especially the Individual Report-Outs and the Links and Files! See the Blog for my own running commentary. Ya'll, I'd like to keep working on this, especially fleshing out the Classroom Examples and Library Suggestions and commenting at Our Voice Thread. I'm setting up a ning social network called USN Web 2.0...Feel free!

Contact Scott Merrick for more information.

Here are snapshots of the participants:
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Day 1--David Warlick shares via Skype--click for video!
Teachers begin to explore--video


Day 2--Joel Bezaire introducing Netvibes RSS aggregator--click for video


Day 3--Scott Merrick quotes Vicki Davis on "social networking"--click for video


Day 4--Peggy Sheehy chats with Scott Merrick about her experience "selling" Second Life Teen Grid work to her NY school district--click for video